Idaho Weed Control Association
Weed Hall of Fame
Selection Procedure


Purpose: To recognize individuals who have had a history of service in the general area of weed management. The individual should be someone who is recognized in Idaho as one who is a leader in vegetation management, at least in their general area of the state, and should be cognizant of issues on both a national and state level. Service to their community, to their weed management area, and to their own personal career should have consideration when making a nomination. The individual may be a member of government, industry, or the private sector.

Nominations must be submitted by December 1 of each year but may be submitted at any time throughout the year. The individual making the nomination will include support material about the nominee that will be developed by the IWCA into a profile. Annually the list of nominees will be reviewed and names added or deleted by action of the IWCA board of directors. Names will be held in the pool for a period of five years.

The IWCA will distribute a ballot to all IWCA board of director members for their vote. Each board member will be asked to rank individuals that they believe deserve the award. Once the ballots are returned the individual receiving the highest number of votes will be selected as the recipient of the recognition. Annually, the board of directors will determine the number of awards to be presented.

The Idaho Weed Hall of Fame Award(s) will be presented at the annual Idaho Noxious Weed Conference. Each recipient will receive an engraved plaque from the Idaho Weed Control Association and will have their name added to the roster of the Idaho Weed Hall of Fame.

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