AMG Capitol Review - March 23, 2018


2018 Legislative Summary


The 2nd Regular Session of the 64th Idaho Legislature convened on January 8 and adjourned on March 28.The legislature had met for a total of 80 days. During that time there were 799 draft proposals, 561 pieces of legislation introduced, with both houses passing 355 bills. During the 2018 Session, AMG lobbyists attended all meetings of the Ag Lobbyist group (each Tuesday) and represented clients at Food Producers of Idaho meetings (each Wednesday). Food Producers of Idaho hosted legislators for lunch each Wednesday. These lunches provided an opportunity to interact with legislators on important issues related to the agriculture industry. Benjamin Kelly participated in the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry’s (IACI) weekly legislative meetings representing Food Producers of Idaho and the Idaho Cooperative Council. During the 2018 Session, Patxi Larrocea-Phillips, a third-year U of I law student, served as an intern for Food Producers of Idaho and Abigail Dixon, daughter of Representative Sage Dixon, worked alongside Roger Batt during the Session.

The groups for which AMG lobbied during the 2018 Session included:

Rick Waitley/Benjamin Kelly/Patxi Larrocea-Phillips:

Food Producers of Idaho

Idaho Alfalfa & Clover Seed Growers Association

Idaho Cooperative Council, Inc.

Idaho Hay and Forage Association

Idaho Honey Industry Association

Idaho Onion Growers’ Association

Idaho Weed Control Association

Nezperce Prairie Grass Growers Association

Northwest Farm Credit Services

Roger Batt/Abigail Dixon:

Idaho Eastern Oregon Seed Association

Idaho Grape Growers and Wine Producers

Idaho Heartland Coalition

Idaho Mint Growers Association

Idaho-Oregon Seed Pesticide Council

Pacific Seed Association

Treasure Valley Water Users Association

Western Equipment Dealers Association


PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS: Perhaps one of the most significant pieces of legislation passed in the 2018 Session for Idaho agriculture dealt with private property rights. The legislation was written twice and maintained its fundamental structure all the way through the process.  read more...

Weed Free Hay and Straw Questions: The person designated at ISDA for questions related to weed free hay and straw is Dan Safford. Dan can be reached by email or by phone at: 332-8592 (office) or 880-5584 (cell).

New Weed Video - Elwood the Elk:
The Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign under the leadership of Roger Batt, State Coordinator, has developed a new children's video dealing with noxious weeds. The short (less than 12 minute) video will feature "Elwood the Elk" helping children learn about noxious weeds and how they can help to control weeds where they live and play. The video is being sponsored by a number of agencies and organizations. The video is excellent for elementary teachers.  Receive a copy by calling 1-866-IDWEEDS.



For updates on Idaho legislation that impacts agriculture and natural resource issues in Idaho, please visit the Food Producers of Idaho webpage at