Scholarship Criteria & Procedures
University of Idaho students

Award Guidelines:

1. The IWCA Board of Directors shall determine the amount and number of
    scholarships awarded each year.

Selection Criteria:

1. The scholarship shall be available to full-time University of Idaho students who will
     be juniors, seniors, or graduate students at the time the award is paid.

2. The recipient must be a resident of Idaho.

3. Preference shall be given to students majoring in plant protection, plant science 
    (crop management or crop science), soil science, entomology, agribusiness, range
    resources, or who intend to pursue a career in an area related to plant protection
    and/or weed control.

Selection Procedure:

1. Students shall apply for the scholarship in accordance with the university's student
    financial aid procedures in effect at the time.

2. Representatives of the Idaho Weed Control Association and in accordance with 
established procedures shall select the recipient(s).

3. The recipient shall be chosen in the spring and the award will be distributed upon
    the student registering for the following academic year.