2015 Weed Hall of Fame (awarded in 2016)

Mitch Whitmill

Mitch has been the CWS for Jefferson County for only 3 years, but has been influencing the weed world for many years. Mitch held the CWS position in Clark County for numerous years where he developed strong relationships with the weed warriors in the area, plus he built a relationship with Montana to help protect Idaho's border along 1-15. He built one of the first A TVfTruck Wash stations to help keep weeds from spreading across lands. His efforts to control Leafy spurge using an IPM approach did more to protect the Natural Resources of the area than any CWS Clark had seen before. Unfortunately, the weed department lost Mitch to the Road and Bridge. Initially this was a loss, but the collaboration that Mitch showed between the new Road and Bridge and the Weed Department developed into a network of new eyes to help the new CWS find patches that had gone un-noticed. Over three years ago, Mitch brought this experience to Jefferson County where he has been able to grow the program from a 'lame-duck' system to one that can be looked up to in the area. He was able to convince the County Commissioners to allow him to build his own shop, which in its own, helped build a stronger tie to the failing community of Roberts. Mitch has promoted education throughout the county by hosting numerous evening meetings, attended many speaking engagements at the schools, a graduate of Leadership Idaho Agriculture, hosted many workdays to protect the river corridor along the Snake River, and has been able to almost double the weed budget. His ability to educate the landowners and commissioners is admired by many of us in the area. Mitch is the current Chairman of the Eastern Idaho Weed Control Association and Chair of the Upper Snake River Cooperative Weed Management Area. His leadership in these groups has proved that he is committed to protecting the natural resources in the area as well as worthy of the County Weed Superintendent of the Year.


Tom Woolf

In 2007, Tom Woolf came to the Idaho Department of Agriculture to work on the Eurasian Watermilfoil program. Eurasian Watermilfoil was the first aquatic plant to be added to the Noxious Weed List. Since Tom has been in Idaho, there have been 15 other aquatic plants added and many projects that have taken place behind the scenes. On a nice weekend off of work, he was taking a stroll down the Bruneau river duck hunting and came across Hydrilla. That started the Hydrilla project on the Bruneau River which pulled together agencies and private landowners to work to get the Hydrilla out of the river. Tom is always trying to spread the word about the impact of noxious weeds and invasive species on our water ways in Idaho. He is very involved in educating people on what is new and things that we need to try or change to keep our water ways clean. He keeps the communication lines open so if he catches word on anything he passes it along. Every year in Eastern Idaho we have an Aq\-!atic Week. Tom is always willing to come and educate everyone, he keeps it interesting with the way he explains the different types of plants. In 2008, when the Zebra/Quagga Mussel came on the radar, Tom once again jumped in with both feet. He was out promoting the impact these would have on our environment and to our way of living here in Idaho and he has not stopped. He is still in the middle by either running his boat station crews in Northern Idaho, taking surveys, or talking with people. " Since Tom has been in Idaho, he has always kept the attitude "WHAT IS BEST FOR IDAHO". Whether it's almost burning down a tent, elk hunting, or trying to figure out how to get rid of flowering rush or any of the many other aquatic plants that we have to work with, there is one thing for sure, and that is TOM WILL BE THERE TO HELP.



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