2016 Weed Hall of Fame (awarded in 2017)

Paul Brusven

Paul Brusven is one of the Big 3 Bio Guys in Idaho (Joey Milan and Mark Schwarzlaender the others). Paul works for the Nez Perce Tribe Land Services, and has been the Director of the Nez Perce Tribe Bio Control Center for over 12 years. Under Paul, the Bio Center has supplied hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of approved bio control agents for Canada thistle, Dalmatian toadflax, Field bindweed, Leafy spurge, Purple loosestrife, Spotted knapweed, and Yellow Starthistle to land owners and managers in Idaho and surrounding states, for free!. Paul has helped with the approval, rearing and distribution of bio control agents for Rush skeletonweed, Russian knapweed, and Yellow toadflax, and is working on getting bio control agents for Houndstongue and Orange hawkweed. Under Paul, the Bio Center has grown to include 4 employees, 2 greenhouses where bio control agents are raised, and an education trailer, which is used at local events and fairs to promote awareness and bio control of noxious and invasive weeds. Paul also conducts many bio control workshops over the summer, where people learn the principals of bio control, how it will work and they receive a bio control agent release to take home with them. Paul is a member of the Statewide Bio Control Task Force, and helped develop the SIMP (Standardized Impact Monitoring Protocol) program, which documents the effects of bio control releases and shows how well they are working. Paul is also on the Idaho Weed Control Association Board of Directors and the Idaho Weed Coordinating committee.

Paul is a “Let’s Make it Happen” guy who has made Idaho a leader in the biological control of noxious and invasive weeds.


Jim Martell

Jim Martell (Canyon County Weed Superintendent) began his career in weeds with Canyon County in 1994. He assumed the role of superintendent in 2004. Canyon County covers 604 square miles of private and public land and Jim knows nearly every square inch of it. He has traveled with other counties and federal agencies to Washington State to collect galerucella for purple loosestrife before we ever knew the effect those insects could have on this invasive weed. He has served as the past chair of the Southwest Idaho Weed Control Association and has been dedicated to the promotion of responsible weed control and applicator training. Jim has testified on numerous occasions before the Idaho legislature on matters concerning the weed law and during the adoption of the Weed Free Forage Program. Everyone knows it seems weeds and gophers go hand in hand, Jim has a passion for stopping the impact made by these rodents and has become very creative in doing so. It only takes a few minutes talking with Jim to realize his passion for noxious weed control and responsible stewardship.



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